Welcome to
Places of Origin

Origin is a Place where people
who live and work in New York
City are able to Live More and
Network Less.

Our Story

Places of Origin launched in 2020 right before the start of the global pandemic and unfortunately our entire world shut down. New York State Governor, Andrew Cuomo announced a stay-at-home order resulting in isolation. With the help of various technological resources, we were able to stay connected through our virtual programming. We heard over 80 stories from people around the world and they were inspiring and enlightening. The response for connectivity helped us learn that the power of community has become a greater necessity than ever before.

The pandemic was challenging to say the least, but we believe that challenges give greater perspective. This season gave us an opportunity to reflect and reevaluate our lives as we learned that time is one of the many valuable things in this world.

Our Vision

Places of Origin organizes salon style social gatherings of meaningful and memorable moments through fireside speaker series, and dynamic, cultural experiences.

Places of Origin - Live more, network less

Our Founder

Meet Rachel


I Really Love


-Rachel, Founder of Origin


Rachel believes in the 80/20 rule for most things in life. She is 80% extroverted, and 20% introverted. She has been in sales for most of her life and loves building relationships because people will work with people they like. She has a passion for connecting with people and a knack for bringing parties together, literally and figuratively. Building communities was something that she stumbled into and fell in love with.

Rachel is a Korean American born in Long Island and was raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She is a self proclaimed best and worst of both the east and west coasts; therefore she is torn between sports teams for obvious reasons.