Origin is an approachable Place to access mentorship and social growth.

Our Vision

Let’s connect and invest in your prosperous future.

We believe that everyone has an Origin and a story to tell. In return, our vision is to provide a forum to inspire one another, ignite authentic conversations and create meaningful relationships.

At Origin, we host a virtual place to inspire you to go the extra mile and invest in your future at our thoughtfully curated events and programming. The programming involves speaker series from transformative leaders, influencers, movers and shakers and enriching multi-cultural experiences.

Our programming is a Place where professionals from various backgrounds come together to mentor, be mentored and grow their social wealth.

Our Story

Meet Rachel

She has a passion for people and a knack for bringing parties together literally and figuratively. Rachel could not have gotten to the pinnacle of her career without the guidance and support of the community and mentors that she met along the way.

She believes that everyone deserves to have access to a community of mentors, colleagues and people to advance their lives socially and professionally. As Rachel continued to bring people and businesses together, Places of Origin naturally came into fruition in 2020 right before the pandemic.

Rachel Kim is a first generation Asian American born in Long Island, NY and grew up in Seattle. She currently lives in New York City and is a self proclaimed best and worst of both the east and west coasts.

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